Surrogacy in Florida

If you are an intended parent curious about how to find a surrogate mother in Florida, this page will give you all the information you need and help you navigate surrogacy in Florida.

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Surrogacy in Florida
If you’re looking for a surrogate to grow your family in Florida, the good news is, Florida is a surrogacy-friendly state for both surrogates and intended parents. All cities in Florida including Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Naples, Sarasota, Panama City, Gainesville, Destin, and Pensacola support surrogacy.
Surrogacy enables individuals and couples with various backgrounds in Florida to start or grow their family and fulfill their lifelong dream.
So, if you’re ready to start your journey as an intended parent in Florida, an agency can help you get started on the right foot!
Top Fertility Clinics in Florida
Florida has some great fertility clinics with an incredible ART success rates. Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) cycles start and get completed in these clinics successfully to help intended parents become parents for life.

These clinics support the whole process of IVF which includes extracting eggs from the donor, fertilizing the eggs in the laboratory and then embryo transfer into surrogate mother.

However, just keep in mind that the ART success rate depends on the surrogate mother’s particulars; age, number of embryos transferred, previous birth history or if they’ve had any miscarriages.

Here’s a list of top fertility clinics in Florida
Surrogacy Law In Florida

Surrogacy laws vary in each state of the US. Therefore, experienced surrogacy agencies cater to the needs of surrogates and intended parents in different states differently – keeping the specific legal framework in mind.

One of the major benefits of working with a trusted surrogacy agency is that all the legal aspects are taken care of for you. Our expert legal team ensures that both parties; surrogate mother and intended parents are legally safe throughout their journey and even after the baby has been delivered.

Florida is a surrogacy-friendly state and intended parents and surrogates can start their surrogacy journeys with confidence. The legal process is very clear and usually gets handled through counsel for the intended parents and the surrogate mother. Moreover, intended parents are given the legal parents right without any complicated procedures or in-person hearings.
Overall, surrogacy laws in Florida makes it a favorable place for surrogacy.
What Types of Surrogacy Does Florida Allow?
In Florida, gestational surrogacy is permitted by Section 742.15, Fla. Stat. Gestational Surrogacy Agreements are only permitted if the Intended Parents are a married couple with one member of the couple being genetically related to the child. Other intended parents (such as single people or unmarried couples) can participate in surrogacy in Florida, through the execution of a Preplanned Adoption Agreement. Preplanned Adoption Agreements are similar to Gestational Surrogacy Agreements, but there are certain nuances and differences.
Traditional (genetic) surrogacy in Florida is also permitted in the form of a Preplanned Adoption Agreement from a “volunteer mother.” Unlike gestational surrogacy, these sorts of agreements are permitted for intended parents of all marital statuses. However, a traditional surrogate’s consent is revocable for up to 48 hours after birth, due to her genetic connection to the child.
Are There Surrogate Requirements in Florida?
No specific legal requirements exist to serve as a gestational surrogate in the state of Florida.
How Much Does Surrogacy Cost in Florida?
If you’ve been longing to have a child of your own, the thought of creating your very own, happy little family is absolutely priceless to you. However, as an intended parent, you may also be wondering about how much surrogacy costs!

As an intended parent, it’s important for you to understand the overall surrogacy cost (including agency fees plus all other expenses). For intended parents living in Florida, full-service surrogacy agencies offer flexible, customized packages.

These packages include management fees, legal fees, surrogate compensation, travel expenses, insurance, mother care, egg procurement costs and IVF (without any hidden charges).

Estimated Surrogacy Cost & Fees Include:

Surrogate Mother Compensation $46,000 – $65,000
Surrogacy Agency Management Fees $22,000 – $30,000
Legal Fees $7,000 – $12,000
Medical Screening, Medications & Embryo Transfer $8,000 – $13,000
Surrogate Mother Prenatal and Delivery Care $12,000 – $28,000
Other (travel, monitoring, other insurance etc.) $2,500 – $4,800

Estimated Surrogacy Cost & Fees Include:

Surrogate Mother Compensation
$46,000 – $65,000

Surrogacy Agency Management Fees
$22,000 – $30,000

Legal Fees
$7,000 – $12,000

Medical Screening, Medications & Embryo Transfer
$8,000 – $13,000

Surrogate Mother Prenatal and Delivery Care
$12,000 – $28,000

Other (travel, monitoring, other insurance etc.)
$2,500 – $4,800

Surrogacy and Taxes In Florida

A common question many intended parents ask is “Are any expenses related to surrogacy tax deductible?” The answer isn’t as straight forward as you would hope.

First, you’ll need to prove a “medical need” in order to be able to deduct surrogacy expenses. As of now, the things that have been allowed to be deducted based on medical need include: the cost of freezing your eggs, the cost of a sperm donation, or even the freezing of sperm, IVF costs including post-procedure costs connected with that process, the egg retrieval process, which includes the donor’s fee, and the medical and psychological testing, plus the agency and legal fees all related to the egg donation process. The medical costs for the baby after the baby is born can be deducted as “medical need.”

Questionable costs that may or may not be able to be deducted based on your contract include: surrogacy compensation, the medical bills before and during the pregnancy for a surrogate, the medical insurance related to a surrogate, and then the agency and legal fees related to getting a surrogacy contract in place.

You can also consult with you’re a tax professional abut filing a Private Letter Ruling (PLR) to get permission to deduct expenses that are not 100% clear in the current tax law.

Surrogacy and Insurance In Florida

This one is very important! As an intended parent, you definitely want to know if your insurance will cover surrogacy or whether it has surrogacy exclusion.

With the increasing demand for surrogacy, a lot of insurance companies are only limiting their contribution to just the infertility treatments, typically covering the costs during In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to create the embryo. Hence, your insurance may not cover your entire surrogacy expenses.

As for insurance coverage for a surrogate, the intended parent will purchase a supplementary insurance that can run a premium of $10,000 and deductibles start at $15,000.

The best course of action for you would be to talk to your surrogacy professional, a financial advisor, or an insurance broker about this. Any good surrogacy agency will have a free insurance review available for you as part of their screening process.

In case, you’re unable to cover the costs via insurance, there are still some affordable financing options to help you achieve your dream.

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